YADL: Your Activities of Daily Living


Healthcare professionals use Activities of Daily Living (ADL) to characterize a patient’s functional status and to evaluate the effectiveness of treatment plans. ADLs are traditionally measured using standardized text-based questionnaires and the primary form of personalization is in the form of question branching logic. Pervasive smartphone adoption makes it feasible to consider more frequent patient-reporting on ADLs. However, asking generic sets of questions repeatedly introduces user burden and fatigue that threatens to interfere with their utility. We introduce an approach called YADL (Your Activities of Daily Living) that uses images of ADLs and personalization to improve survey efficiency and the patient experience. It offers several potential benefits: both broader and more specific coverage of ADLs, improved engagement, and accurate capture of individual health situations. In this paper, we discuss our system design and the wide applicability of the design process for survey tools in healthcare and beyond. Interactions with with a small number of patients with Arthritis, throughout the design process, have been promising and we share detailed insights.

In the 10th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare (PervasiveHealth)
Longqi Yang
Computer Science Ph.D. candidate